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iPhone experiments

New iPhone angst

Since last week I’m the paranoid owner of an iPhone that I’ve got to investigate the possibilities of mobile phone technology in teaching and learning.   So I’m starting a blog post thread which follows that process.

It’s nice to have the photo and video functionality without needing another piece of equipment.  I took my students to the Dali to Degas art exhibition.  I couldn’t take pics in the exhibition but could take pics of the other items in the Auckland Art Gallery Collection.  I can then share the pics and use them for teaching and revision of the different art movements and how they correspond to film movements.

I also recorded my daughter’s crosscountry running competition and if I get a minute I can edit that together so she can show her Dad who is currently overseas.

Kids and socialisation
The kids love it and were really excited when I brought it home.  At 8 and 9 they have a sense that iPhones are really cool and that they can make videos, take pictures and load on games.  They’ve been going around making films of themselves – it seems to be like having an imaginary friend they tell things to. What’s odd about this is it makes personal space potentially public.  I’m sitting in a dressing gown and a kid will come over and  film or I say “try not to film the kitchen sink as I haven’t done the dishes yet”.  I’ll also try and be more pleasant when I yell at them – conscious it might be recorded.

Between making the films and watching them I feel their world is increasingly mediated and I might have to start rationing the time they spend making or watching their own films – as I do with TV and computer use generally.

Minus (for me)
I feel lucky I’m not a problem shopper as it constantly seems to be directing me to things I can buy online and what’s available.  It’s odd for me as I tend to avoid shopping and I feel I’m always being directed to things i can “get” as soon as I access iTunes.

My most expensive item of clothing/equipment I use outside the home are my glasses and I’m not driven by having something that’s cool and trendy.  I’m therefore noticing how people react to me with the phone.  Either they say how cool it is (usually if they have one themselves), or they look at me, don’t say anything,  and wonder how I’ve had the money to buy it.  So I find myself having to explain it’s a work phone.  It has become a topic of conversation which my old one never was.

I’m really worried about losing it, dropping it, or someone stealing it and am probably going to get contents insurance.  That’s the difference in having a phone that’s $30 as opposed to $1000.

The phone is a lot heavier so not so convenient to have in a pocket.  I also notice when I make a call on the normal phone the iphone has a much stronger feedback interference than my cheap phone.

I need to recharge the phone every day, as opposed to once every 4 days with my last phone – having said that  it does seem to charge quite quickly which is good.

I’m having to relearn how to type stuff – having mastered the art of predictive texting with my thumb, I now use one finger or both thumbs so i’m having to relearn how to send fast messages and they usually come out with lots of typos.

A few days ago I called customer service and had the phone to my ear.  It kept randomly selecting different numbers as it touched my ear and I gave up in the end. I guess I should use the headpiece but for some reason I can’t hear anything out of it so need to get that checked (or my hearing).

So …. there seems to be a bit to learn but it’s probably worth it as I’m getting heaps of cool friends.

Next step – loading up websites and newsfeeds that I’d like to follow.

Here’s a site that may be of interest.  http://www.mina.pro/.    Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA] aims to explore the possibilities of interaction between people, content and the emerging mobile industry.




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