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New iPhone angst

Since last week I’m the paranoid owner of an iPhone that I’ve got to investigate the possibilities of mobile phone technology in teaching and learning.   So I’m starting a blog post thread which follows that process. Plus It’s nice to have the photo and video functionality without needing another piece of equipment.  I took … Continue reading

KONY 2012 – analysing the film

I’ve watched the Kony 2012 film with morbid fascination. The film is very slick with a strategic use of graphics, augmented reality, aftereffects and CGI, changes in pace and a clever narrative to keep the viewer engaged. The narration invites you to participate, shares some facts and presses all your emotional buttons with images of … Continue reading

Structuring the hyper short

Well we’ve got feature length (longer than thirty mins), short films (5 to 30 mins), short shorts (2 to five mins) but when students, namely my animation students need to hand in projects of less than two minutes – preferably a minute – what kind of structure should they be looking at. One idea is … Continue reading

Plan B – watch this space!

Well it’s been long journey from finishing the film at Uni, to getting it re-edited (thanks Shailesh) and now getting the final sound and colour grade through Envy Studios. So fingers crossed it will be ready to take to festivals in the next few weeks. So what’s it all about? Plan B is a woman’s … Continue reading

Charles Brooker on reality TV

Here’s something on reality TV editing.

Charlie Brooker

Take a look at how news is constructed